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The Almela-Solsona Foundation was originally created in 1991 as the Foundation Alberto Solsona (1947-1988) by Fernando Almela (1943-2009), for the dissemination of the pictorial legacy of his partner in art and in life. Since Almela’s death, the Foundation, renamed to recognize its founder, serves as the fiduciary of the creations of both artists and maintains foundational goals.

The fulfillment of these functions involves the collaboration of the most important contemporary art museums, including recent donations received and dedicated to their respective collections by MNCARS (Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid), IVAM (Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno, Valencia), MACBA (Museo d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona), CAAC (Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, Sevilla) and Museo de Bellas Artes de Asturias (Oviedo), whose interest in the works of Fernando Almela and Alberto Solsona confirms their importance and validity.

The Fundación Almela-Solsona's purposes are the preservation, dissemination and promotion of both artists' production, the momentum of the research on this production and finding for it the best destinations in the most prestigious public and private national and international  collections.   

Isabel Urueña
Chairwoman of the Fundación Almela-Solsona

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