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Although I live and work in Madrid, the fact that I was born and raised in Valencia has left its undeniable trace in terms of the color—which is nothing other than the light of childhood—of my painting.
In my paintings the background becomes the subject not only physically (in the preparation of de fabric this area remains inpainted) but visually. The white part shapes the subject of the painting, whereas the visual background of my pictures is what is filled in with paint.

My paintings, both landscapes and still life, have two elements as opposite as essential in every classical painting: colour and composition. Colour is purely sensuous, unconscious, surreal, a result of chance; geometric composition is cool, conscious, cerebral. These two elements pre-formed emptiness and completeness. It is a figurative painting, but the emptiness, paradoxically, is what makes up the figure. The figure is a ghost, the completeness is the shadow of that emptiness. All this lives in my paintings in tension, like the skin of a drum or and bow about to shoot; just as life itself.


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